Did you know

At least 85-90% of the rabbit’s diet should consist of hay, grass and dried grass, as a guideline as much as the size of the rabbit’s body! They also need a small amount of nuggets – 20-25g per kg ideal bodyweight is all that is needed. You also need to make sure they have some green leafy salad as part of their diet and water should always be made available.


Good pet shops stock a wide variety of different enrichments to encourage rabbits to perform natural behaviours. However, you can also make things yourself to entertain your rabbit, using many items that you might find around the house.

  • A small piece of carrot wrapped in some brown paper will increase the amount of time your rabbit spends feeding and will therefore reduce boredom.
  • Empty toilet roll tubes and other safe cardboard items are great, inexpensive objects which many rabbits enjoy playing with.
  • A cardboard box with a hole cut out is a fantastic, inexpensive shelter for your rabbit.
  • To encourage gnawing, try using clean, sustainably managed apple tree trimmings.
  • A planter filled with soil provides opportunity for rabbits to dig.
  • Try scattering your rabbit's regular food in the bedding to give him/her something to do during the day while you're at work.

Improvise! As long as the enrichment is safe, and promotes normal behaviour, then it will help to improve your rabbit's quality of life.