Combination of Rabbits

Pairing Your Rabbit

Tips for successfully pairing your rabbit!
• Both rabbits being neutered
• Introducing the rabbits to
each other in a new place
• Large and suitable housing for both 

Combination of Rabbits

Which pair of rabbits make the best friends? Rabbits have unique personalities and what it may mean is that some may get along better with others, but most rabbits will get along with each other if they are introduced using the right methods.

Female and male

If you already have a rabbit and want to get a bunny friend than the best pairing is having a rabbit of the opposite sex. They will be tolerant of each other, but they do need to be neutered for obvious reasons.

Two females

Many female rabbits live with each other and are generally tolerant of each other. It is important to keep in mind that female bunnies are affected by the hormones if they are un-neutered, so some tension can occur between them so neutering the rabbits will help to control this behaviour. 

Two males

You may think that two males rabbits would fight with each other no matter what, if they are neutered and introduced to each other properly, then the two males can become good friends. A friendship bond will form more easily if both rabbits are neutered. 


It is commonly thought that if two bunnies bought from the same litter are of the same sex. Always get the rabbits checked by an expert, as it is difficult to tell the sex at the age of only 5 or 6 weeks. Male rabbits mature sooner, so the mother should be neutered or separated from her until she is neutered. 

Female rabbits mature later, but when they reach 15-16 weeks of age they should not be kept with un-neutered males. Male rabbits should be neutered at 11-12 weeks of age and females at 16 weeks, this will prevent any fighting amongst the males.

Rabbits in groups

If you are thinking of having more than two rabbits, it is really important that they are all neutered. Trios, quads and larger groups are more complex to accommodate for in terms of a larger need for space, more feeding, water and littering. A pair of rabbits is far easier to house than a trio or a whole bunch of rabbits, however can be rewarding if you have the time and facilities. 

Keeping rabbits together

Bunnies in pairs should not be separated, as they depend on each other and communicate mainly by scent. If you have a vet appointment then you should bring them together, as a change in the environment can cause stress.

If a rabbit loses a close friend it will go into a state of mourning, as they are very attached to each other so they will suffer intensely from the loneliness. Offer the rabbit that is left behind a new bunny friend as soon as possible.