Introducing Rabbits To Each Other

Pairing Your Rabbit

Tips for successfully pairing your rabbit!
• Both rabbits being neutered
• Introducing the rabbits to
each other in a new place
• Large and suitable housing for both 

Introducing Rabbits

Introductions have to be done carefully so be sure to speak to your vet for more advice, and ideally in a new location.x Although rabbits are social animals, they are known to be very territorial, so it’s best to introduce them to each other in an area that they are unfamiliar with. Both rabbits need to be neutered if they are old enough, you can find out more about that here.

There are different ways to introduce rabbits to each other, the method that you choose with an expert needs patience and supervision. It’s important that you check the rabbits for any injuries before to make sure they are healthy before your begin, during the process and then daily.

Method 1

Both rabbits need to be taken to the new place or separate or the same travel case and then released at the same time. The rabbits will run after each other, hump each other and maybe even tear off some fur! This is normal behaviour and what it allows the rabbits to establish a rank order between them. As long as the rabbits do not bite each other – then they should not be separated during this time. After some time the rabbits might rest, eat or groom themselves. On the other hand some rabbits may ignore each other. 

After the first introduction the rabbits should be brought home together in the same carrier. They may be a bit stressed due to the travelling and be comforted being with each other. You can let the rabbits run free once you get them home, make sure there are two hiding places, two litter trays, two feeding stations and two water bottles. 

The rabbits need to be supervised for some time, when they rest and groom themselves near each other, they normally sort things out. It is better if this process takes place indoors, or in an area where you can easily keep track of both bunnies.

Method 2

Or the rabbits can be introduced to each other more gradually - putting them in nearby enclosures so they can sniff each other and become used to each other’s smells. To help them bond more, you can change the litter trays as this will also help the rabbits get used to each other smells. 

After some time, short meetings should be arranged between the bunnies so they can become more comfortable with each other, or you can separate them if there seems to be any tension between them. Repeat this until the bunnies are relaxed being around each other, you can even feed them at the same time to foster that bond. When the rabbits are happy to groom each other and lie together than you can leave them unsupervised. This can take hours to months depending on the personality of your rabbits! 

Combining the methods

It may take some time, and you may find that if your bunnies are fighting a lot you will need to separate them into pens next to each other and then let them meet again after some supervision.

With each meeting you should move the rabbits to neutral ground for some time, and then back to old ground. Be patient and tolerant, letting the bunnies play with each other and soon they will become friends.