Pairing Your Rabbit

Tips for successfully pairing your rabbit!
• Both rabbits being neutered
• Introducing the rabbits to
each other in a new place
• Large and suitable housing for both 


Both rabbits need to be neutered, provided they are old enough! Male rabbits should be neutered at 11-12 weeks of age and females at 16 weeks, make sure this is done before they are introduced. 

The best pairing is a neutered male and female. Neutering is important as it prevents unwanted pregnancies, can reduce fighting and in females prevents uterine cancer. Speak to your local rescue centre or vet for advice about neutering.

If you rehome a bunny from a rescue centre, the staff are likely to be able to advise you on introducing rabbits and may even be able to pair the bunnies up for you. Unfamiliar rabbits need to be introduced to each other very carefully and gradually, under owner and expert supervision, preferably in a space that is new to both of them.