Rabbits with other animals

Pairing Your Rabbit

Tips for successfully pairing your rabbit!
• Both rabbits being neutered
• Introducing the rabbits to
each other in a new place
• Large and suitable housing for both 

Guinea Pigs

Contrary to popular belief, guinea pigs should not be kept as a friend for rabbits. They have different dietary requirements and communicate differently too. Furthermore, rabbits can sometimes bully guinea pigs and can pass a bacteria, which doesn’t cause any harm to them but can cause respiratory disease for the Guinea Pig. They also have different nutritional needs, as guinea pigs are unable to synthesise Vitamin C, they need a dietary source.

Dogs and Cats

Some dogs and cats have become friends with a rabbit, as it is common for the animals to share a house. Rabbits are a prey animal that is cautious and is naturally very afraid of any predators that could pose a threat, both cats and dogs are carnivores with intact hunting instincts. Never let a dog or cat greet a bunny sitting in a cage. Rabbits need to be able to get away from any type of threat and being in a hutch with a ‘predator’ outside is very stressful for them.


Ferrets are small carnivores, in their wild habitats they will eat small rodents, frogs, birds and eggs, but domesticated ferrets are known to have been used in rabbit hunting. Rabbits will never feel safe and secure close to such an efficient hunter, so all contact between the two should be avoided.