Hay & Grass

Did you know

At least 85-90% of the rabbit’s diet should consist of hay, grass and dried grass, as a guideline as much as the size of the rabbit’s body! They also need a small amount of nuggets – 20-25g per kg ideal bodyweight is all that is needed. You also need to make sure they have some green leafy salad as part of their diet and water should always be made available.

Hay & Grass

Premium quality hay (herbage) and grass (forage) should form most of a rabbit’s diet.

Hay/grass is good for dental health as the gnawing action needed by the rabbit to eat them helps to wear down teeth. Rabbit’s teeth are constantly growing and overgrown teeth can be the cause of potentially fatal problems. 

Hay also plays a vital role in digestive and emotional health as they provide the bulk of the diets’ indigestible fibre and encourage foraging.

Choosing Hay
Good quality hay should be given to rabbits daily, you can judge the quality by the feel, smell and appearance. Always make sure the hay is not dusty or mouldy.

If given the choice a rabbit will eat high-energy diets or large amounts of vegetables and fruits over hay and grass any time! By giving them different hays it will provide that variety, making sure they are satisfied whilst spending more time eating. Hay needs to be replaced daily, and it can be provided using a hayrack or in the corner of the litter tray.