Creating A Rabbit Paddock

Rabbit Paddock

If you have a large or unsecured garden then consider creating a Rabbit Paddock.

  • Simply corner off an area using picket fencing and mesh (fencing needs to be put about half a metre underground and curved back into the enclosure by half a metre to make it escape-proof).
  • The area should be around 7m2 and covered with a roof or mesh to make it predator-proof.
  • Lots of hiding places should be provided within this area.
  • A wendy house or a large hutch can also be placed inside this area to provide your rabbits with shelter.

A Rabbit Paddock is an alternative to a hutch and run. Rabbits are often a lot happier too because they have lots of hiding areas and space, allowing them to behave as they would in the wild.

Make sure you’re aware of what plants are poisonous to rabbits and ensure there are none in the Rabbit Paddock. Consider growing some rabbit-friendly herbs in the Rabbit Paddock for your rabbits to eat.