For Schools

Did you know

At least 85-90% of the rabbit’s diet should consist of hay, grass and dried grass, as a guideline as much as the size of the rabbit’s body! They also need a small amount of nuggets – 20-25g per kg ideal bodyweight is all that is needed. You also need to make sure they have some green leafy salad as part of their diet and water should always be made available.

For Schools

RAW is more than just a campaign - it brings together everyone concerned about rabbit welfare to promote the five rabbit welfare needs: diet, environment, behaviour, health and company.

It’s a chance for schools to educate their students about rabbit welfare needs, we advise you start planning now and advertising your activities now – so that you and your local community know in advance what you are doing for RAW. 

Thank you for taking part – together we can stop pet rabbits getting a RAW deal!

How a School Get Involved?

  • Register on the RAW database
  • Raise rabbit welfare awareness using the resources
  • Get local press and media coverage by speaking to them about RAW

Update your RAW event

If you registered for RAW previously, visit register/login page here and update your information!