Burgess Pet Care

Burgess Pet Care

Burgess Pet Care is a small family owned business of pet owners and lovers. We are dedicated to doing the best for our furry friends by making high quality, nutritious and healthy food, but even more than that, we want to educate pet owners on every aspect of pet care and health.

We created The Excel Feeding Plan as a simple five step guide to help rabbit owners understand that no one food contains enough fibre for rabbits, and in fact they need high levels of beneficial fibre from different sources for complete digestive, dental and emotional health. In fact this is why we are the UK’s No. 1 vet recommended range of food for rabbits!

However, we still felt more needed to be done and created Burgess National Rabbit Week, where we worked with the UK’s vets to get rabbit owners and their pets along to free vet health checks so that they would have access to all the information they needed to keep their rabbits happy and healthy.

The awareness week has grown over the years and we are delighted that all the partners that have joined us in what is now called Rabbit Awareness Week, so that as a united group of organisations in the rabbit community we can combine our efforts to really drive home the messages that we need to get across to stop pet rabbits getting a RAW deal!

For more information visit www.burgesspetcare.co.uk