Why Choose A Rabbit As A Pet?

Once you are sure rabbits are for you, you need to also consider if you want babies (known as kits) or adults, male or female, one or two.

Did you know

Rabbits have complex digestive systems. Food is passed through their gut and this is how caecotrophs are produced, rabbits then eat the caecotrophs and the food is re-ingested.

Choosing a Rabbit

Rabbits or bunnies are highly intelligent, social, interactive and fun creatures that are extremely clean and can even be litter trained. They have very individual and distinct personalities, and often live over ten years of age - making them every bit as worthwhile investing in as dogs and cats!

Despite all this there are still a lot of myths and misinformation around the best care for pet rabbits, and their welfare needs. It's actually very easy when you know how! Read the information in this section before you consider getting a rabbit/bunny.