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In the wild rabbits feed on high levels of fibrous grasses. Their digestive systems are designed to be kept in constant motion to get the most out of this diet. It’s important that you feed your rabbits a balanced diet that gives them the nutritional and emotional benefits they need to live a happy and healthy life. Find out more about your rabbits’ diet below.

What happens when a rabbit eats

Feeding graphicFeeding graphic

The Excel Feeding Plan

The Excel Feeding Plan

The Excel Feeding plan is a complete feeding plan developed with veterinary experts to help ensure your rabbits get a balanced diet.

Excel Feeding Hay & Grass

High-quality, dust extracted feeding hay should make up 85-90% of your rabbits’ diet. You should make sure it is freely available and replaced with fresh hay every day.

Excel Tasty Nuggets

Should be fed as a supplement to feeding hay or grass to ensure your rabbits get all the minerals they need. You should look for nugget products appropriate to your rabbits’ life stage. Make sure you follow feeding guides and don’t feed too many nuggets or your rabbits may become obese.

Excel Nature Snacks

Nature snacks can be fed in small amounts either by hand to help bonding, left in housing to keep your rabbits occupied or sprinkled through feeding hay to encourage foraging.

Fresh Greens

Can be fed as a treat to add variety and provide additional nutrition. Have a look at our guide to feeding greens below to find out what can be fed to your bunnies. Click the link below to download our guide to what fresh greens you can and can’t feed your rabbits.

A guide to good and bad greens for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Hay is important

Fibre from feeding hay and fresh grass is really important for:

What is the difference between feeding hay and bedding hay? Top tips for getting your rabbits to eat more hay

Selective Feeding

When offered muesli diets rabbits are likely to select the high starch and sugary elements of the food leaving the higher fibre pieces: this is called selective feeding and results in rabbits eating an unbalanced diet.

Selective feeding can increase the risk of Dental Disease, Gut Stasis and Fly Strike.

Move Away From Muesli

If you take the challenge to move your rabbits away from muesli you should transition their diet slowly over a four week period, as depicted in our visual guide below. Make sure you don’t overfeed and increase the overall portion size over this period and make sure your rabbits have access to unlimited high-quality feeding hay.

Diet Transition