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We know how passionate retailers are about animal welfare. Each year you come together for RAW to help support and promote the welfare needs of rabbits. RAW offers a great chance for all animal food retailers to engage with their local community and make a big noise around their rabbit offering. Please have a look at the resources below and find out more about how you can get involved in this year’s campaign and get maximum awareness in your local community for your part in Rabbit Awareness Week.

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How to move away from muesli in your store

Muesli based diets can increase the risk of gut stasis, dental disease and fly strike. If you’re looking to move away from muesli in your store, have a look at Burgess’s guide to rabbit nutrition and how to merchandise a balanced diet in your store. We also have consumer leaflets available which you can give your customers who want to learn more about how to ‘move away from muesli’.

Move away from muesli

This year's campaign is all about encouraging owners to move away from muesli towards a healthier high-fibre, hay based diet for their rabbits. Read the partners' letter to see why we're challenging owners to 'move away from muesli'.

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We have a wide array of downloads that you can use to help support your RAW activity this year:

Rabbit Nutrition

Visit our diet page for all the information on a rabbit's diet which you can use to help educate your customers.

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