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Welcome to our owners page, a place with resources to help you give your bunnies the best life possible and also a space where you can find out how to get involved with RAW 2018.

Move away from muesli

This year's campaign is all about encouraging owners to move their bunnies away from muesli towards a healthier high-fibre, hay based diet.

Muesli based diets encourage ‘selective feeding’ which in turn can increase the risk of Dental Disease, Gut Stasis and Fly Strike.

Find out more about the correct nutrition for your rabbits and read the partners' letter to see why we're challenging owners to 'move away from muesli'.

Read our letter Rabbit Nutrition
The 5 welfare needs

Rabbits, along with all other animals have five key welfare needs. Click each welfare need to find out more or download our RAW Rabbit Care Guide.


An appropriate balanced diet


A rabbit friend to live with


To be protected from pain, suffering and disease


Safe, secure housing that allows them space to roam


The opportunity to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns

Is my Bunny Happy?

In a recent RAW survey when asked the question ‘If you could ask your rabbits any question what would it be?’ 5325 owners out of 5491 surveyed wanted to know if their bunnies were happy, with the majority of these asking questions such as ‘Are you happy?’ and ‘What can I do to make you happy?’.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if your rabbits aren’t happy because as prey animals they tend to hide any illness or suffering. However, if your rabbits are lying down in a relaxed position that tends to show that they are happy and comfortable. Really happy bunnies with lots of space will jump into the air and twist their body in what we call a binky.

The best way to keep your rabbits happy is by making sure you are fulfilling their 5 welfare needs. You can find more information about what they need in the Rabbit Welfare section of this site.


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Did you know?

Rabbits require regular vaccinations and health checks.